The top three male and the top three female St. Croix Marathon finishers will received the 2500 Anniversary Marathon Medal...
Medal + Ribbon

Antique Gold medal with an attractive printed ribbon which fits into a recess behind the box and can easily be removed and fitted to the medal. The medal depicts Pheidippides running from the small Town of Marathon to Athens to announce the incredible Greek victory against all odds over the Persians. The shield signifies the Battle which took place. All details about the historic events which took place may be found in the pamphlet supplied with each medal

The attractive printed ribbon signifies the distance of the Authentic Marathon right up to the distance which for over 100 years has tested man and women alike at events around the world. The pamphlet explains in detail how the marathon distance originally run by the legendary Pheidippides changed to what it is today through a series of events which occurred many years later.

The pamphlet follows the history of the Battle of Marathon 2 500 years ago right up to modern day. So when you participate in your next marathon you will be able to run with the knowledge of how 2 500 years of history plus some truly uncanny events have brought you to your marathon. This tortuous and taxing modern day marathon has brought many to their knees with tears of emotion in their eyes, something which is experienced by many at each Marathon which is run.

You may wish to display this product in your trophy cabinet or bar so the medal, ribbon and pamphlet are all housed in an attractive gold foiled presentation box which you can display it at all times and share with your friends the wonderful history of a race which has captured the imagination of millions of people over the years.