Dedicated Runners Meet the Challenge in St. Croix…Rodriquez and David take top honors... More Photos Click Here

11-26-06, St. Croix, Virgin Islands--The 32nd running of the  Virgin Islands Half-Marathon Race Against Drugs held on Sunday morning on the east end of St. Croix was a race for dedicated runners, for it was they who in a  response to an email pole, selected the beautiful but difficult route.  Jose Rodriquez from Puerto Rico has an excellent history (from as far back as the 80”s) with the race and has never finished out of the top three overall.  He decided to forgo running a big race in Puerto Rico to challenge the rolling hills and the heat and humidity, as he pulled ahead and stayed there till the end after a group of three approached the mile mark with a time of 5:38; he went on to finish first overall with  in 1:17. 42. That lead group also had the first place female finisher Ruth Ann David who last ran this race back in 1992 when she was 16 years old.  She held on to take fourth overall in 1:38.38, just seven minutes slower than her time in 92’.  George Jules always seems to finish in the medals having run this race at least 9 times with a record five first place finishes in St. Croix, took second place overall with a time of 1:23.06.  Richard Jeanpierre, took the honors as the top over 50 runner and finished third place overall with a time of 1:38.53.  

Theresa Harper, no stranger to this race also, just two weeks ago, ran the Philadelphia Marathon in 2:31, no doubt feeling the effects of that performance, was the second place female finisher in 1:40.01 as she closed the gap on David in the last 5 kilometers.  Jennifer Angus challenged Harper all the way to take third place in 1:42.40 

There were 32 runners in the race making for impressive age-group performances.  It followed a seminar held by the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee the evening before on “Performance Enhancing Drugs” the first official project and the introducing of the Virgin Islands Olympic Academy.  Participating in that function were officials from the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee Leonard Bonelli who also was also selected to be the official starter for the race, Angel Morales, Secretary General of the VIOC, Dr. Marlon Williams, Vice-President VIOC, General Eddie Charles, Adjutant General of the V.I. National Guard, Wallace Williams, Founder, V.I.Pace Runners were the officials for the seminar which was attended by coaches, officials, runners and volunteers in the V.I. sports federations and clubs.   

The 32nd Virgin Islands Half-Marathon was sponsored by the West Indies Corporation, organized by the Virgin Islands Pace Runners, Sanctioned by the Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation with the support of the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee/Virgin Islands Olympic Academy and the Divi Carina Bay Hotel and Casino. 

The Finishers Male: 

1.Jose Rodriquez 1:178.42; 2. George Jules 1:23.06; 3. Richard Jeanpierre 1:38.534. James Dean 1:41.23; 5. Bob Halk 1:42.15; 6. Jason Snow 1:48.09;  7. Andy Coe 1:49.41; 8. Steve Silver 1:57.14; 9. John Harper 2:02.18; 10. Mark Kennedy 2:02.52; 11. Roger Hatfield 2:05.54; 12. Errol Chichester 2:11.25; 13. Teddy Seymour 2:15.11; 14: Rey Lutz 2:28.18; 15. Eric Jacobs 2:29.51; Todd Harris 2:29.51; 16. Scott Fricks 2:35.46; 17. Todd Nurnberger 2:37.04; 18. Julio Sanchez 2:56.18 

The Finishers Female: 

1.Ruth Ann David 1:38.28; 2. Theresa Harper 1:40.01; 3. Jennifer Angus 1:42.40; 4. Ericka Sweitzer 1:48.23; 5. Heidi Snow1:53.57; 6. Elizabeth Armstrong 2:15.47; 7. Kathy La Grange 2:17.53; 8. Denise Blanchett 2:18.21; 9. Linda Whiteker 2:22.40; 10. Theresa Olivero 2:24.45; 11. Amy Harris 2:29.51; 12. Elizabeth Nurnberger 2:32.40; 13. Judie Fricks 2:35.42  

For more information contact the Virgin Islands Pace Runners 340-643-2557 or logon to


George Jules



(LtoR) Senator Ronald Russell, Cosmo Williams,
Owner of Mc Donald's, George Jules, Theresa
Harper, Dr.Marlon Williams, Wallace Williams

      6am start--30th Virgin Islands Half-Marathon

30th V.I. Half-Marathon 
Jules and Harper take first...
St. Croix, Virgin Islands--11/28/04 George Jules got back into training only a few weeks ago; his effort  in the 30th V.I. Half Marathon on Sunday reminded the field of thirty runners why he was able to add a fifth win to his credit for this 13.1 mile road race.  Jules time of 1 hour, seventeen minutes and 35 second, consisted of an early pace which included a number of sub-six minute miles. He was unchallenged the rest of the way.  With his daughter Tehsa on the route cheering him on, he dominated the race and climbed Kingshill, the toughest one in the race, like he was doing a training drill. 

Theresa Harper, a member of two V.I. National Cross-Country teams, a marathoner and Secretary of the V.I. Cycling Federation, has come in second in the race before, today she outdistanced the field of female runners to win the race in 1:39.25 a time good enough for seventh overall. Tesha Distad was second in 1:51:08 and Louise Stapleton was third in 2:04.34. And Betsy Gladfelter, former Director of the West Indies lab in St. Croix, has won this race more than any other woman, she traveled from Wood Hole to run on her old course. 

In the men’s race the first three finishers have won the race in the past.  Calvin Dallas, a two time Olympic Marathoner  and multiple Mc Donald’s Half-Marathon race winner, made the race look easy as he cruised in at 1:23.09 and finished second overall.  Marlon Williams, Vice-President of the V.I. Olympic Committee and four-time Olympian in the marathon, 10k and 5k, said “I’m running this one for ole time sake”.  He had challenges midway through the race from Leopold Fredericks, Steve Burkholder from St. John and Richard Jean Pierre.  With a couple of surges near the 10k mark near the scenic Carambola Golf Course, he put distance between them.  Fredericks was fourth in 1:30.25, Burkholder was fifth in 1:33.25 and Pierre was sixth in 1:33.32. 

Note: The race was organized by the Virgin Islands Pace Runners whose founder and Race Director, Wallace Williams, has finished second in the event over the years and won his age group several times, he stated “it is most appropriate that many of the past winners still dominate the long distance running in the territory, it represents what discipline and hard work are all about.  Today we have people in this race who have run over sixty marathons (Larry Williams, a founder for the prestigious Rock & Roll Marathon), we had great support from our sponsor Ann and Cosmo Williams of Mc Donald’s (they were presented with a special commemorative plaque by V.I.Pace), great volunteers (too many to name here) who have been with us over the years.  And, this race could not have happened with permission of  the Chief of Police and the support of the school crossing guards who manned the intersections on the race route.  Sargent Santos has been the lead Police vehicle for more races than I can count, we can always depend on him for his dedication and experience”.  Senator Ronald Russell, who is also president of the Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation, was on hand to sign certificates and support the event.  He mentioned a little about the history of road running and people like Cipriani Phillip who was one of the pioneers in the organizing of the sport back in the 70’s. 

The Virgin Islands Half-Marathon, “The Race Against Drugs” (the St. Croix designation) is a 13.1 mile road race organized by the Virgin Islands Pace Runners and Sanctioned by the Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation. The race originated in St. Thomas in 1976 and is organized by STAR, the St.Thomas Association of Road Runners there.  It alternates biannually between St. Croix and St.Thomas.  Clive Mills was the founding race director for the event in the early years in St.Thomas.  Vernon Eddy, Mario Thomas among others were involved also.  In the later years when STAR became the organizer, Roy Watlington, Vince Fuller and other STAR runners were the primary movers for the event.   

On display near the finish line for Sunday’s race was a collage of photographs of past V.I. Half-Marathon’s.  Judge George Cannon, a past winner of the event in St. Thomas and stalwart V.I.Pace long distance runner, who is now recovering from knee surgery  (an old football injury), showed up to support the race today on his motorcycle.  He admired the photos and held the finish line tape with Senator Russell for the winning female.  

Male Overall 

1.George Jules 1:17.35; 2. Calvin Dallas 1:23.09; 3. Marlon Williams 1:28.14; 4. Leopold Fredericks 1:30.25; 5. Steve Burholder 1:33.25; 6. Richard Jean Pierre 1:33.32; 7. Paul Erickson 1:42.58; 8. Mike Klein 1:43.11; 9. Gunnar Sanden 1:43.23; 10. Jody Star 1:46.11; 11. Roger Hatfield 1:51.28; 12. Will Franks 1:52.54; 13. Ray Ruiz 1:54.22; 14. Carlos Lopez 1:54.44; 15. Mark Kennedy 1:57.00; 16. Errol Chichester 2:05.33; 17. Delschlagen Dietrich 2:08.37; 18. Todd Harris 2:10.50; 19. Larry Williams 2:11.58; 20. Robert Stamper 2:25.22; 21. Antonio Cuencas 2:31.09; 22. Mike Hill 2:32.06 

Female Overall 

1.Theresa Harper 1:39.48; 2. Tesha Distad 1:51.08; 3; Louise Stapleton 2:04.34; 4. Teresa Stamper 2:08.05; 5. Linda Whitaker 2:08.05; 6. Betsy Gladfelter 2:18.35; 7. Cathy Prince 2:27.27; 8. Janet Jean Pierre 2:35.29 

Male 20 and Over 

1.Paul Erickson 1:42.58; 2. Jody Starr 1:46.11; 3. Carlos Lopez 1:54.44 

Male 30 and Over 

1.George Jules 1:17.35; 2. Mike Klein 1:43.11; 3. Todd Harris 2:10.50 

Male 40 and Over 

1.Marlon Williams 1:28.14; 2. Leopold Frederiks 1:30.25; 3. Richard Jean Pierre 1:33.25 

Male 50 and Over 

1.Calvin Dallas 1:23.09; 2. Steve Burkholder 1:33.32; 3. Roger Hatfield 1:51.28 

Male 60 and Over 

1.Gunnar Sanden 1:43.23; 2. Ray Ruiz 1:54.22; 3. Larry Williams 2:11.58 

Female 30 and Over  

1.Theresa Harper 1:39.48; 2. Tesha Distad 1:51.08; 3. Louise Stapleton 2:04.34 

Female 40 and Over 

1.Cathy Prince 2:27.27; 2.Janet Jean Pierre 2:35.29          


Jules Rules 26th Virgin Islands Half-Marathon; Morgan Repeat Winner...

St.Croix, Virgin Islands, 11/26/00--George Jules took the early lead in the 26th Virgin Islands Half-Marathon--The Race Against Drugs, held it to the end and became a multiple winner of the race with a time of 1 hour 15 minutes and 40 seconds. For the first time the race started and finished at the Sunterra Carambola Beach Resort, the Host for the event, and traveled East to Salt River Road and back. The early morning start on this scenic route, provided a challenging head wind at Rust Op Twist, the four mile mark. By this time Jules, a strong hill runner, was well ahead of Calvin Dallas and Marlon Williams, both also a multiple winners of the event over the years. The race for second place between Williams and Dallas was a repeat of the classic meeting of these two, with Williams running conservatively throughout and closing to take the spot with about a half mile to go with a time of 1:20.47 to 1:21.02 for Dallas. Leopold Frederick had a very strong performance with a time of 1:27.22.

Jackie Morgan, a Sophomore at the University of New Mexico and St.Croix Country Day grad, repeated her first place female performance of 1998, (the race is held in St.Croix on even numbered years and St.Thomas on odd numbered years) with a very good showing in 1:32.12. She made the trip to St.Croix especially for the race and finished fifth overall. Theresa Harper took second in her first effort at the longer distance, in 1:43.50; Jo Shim was third in 1:44.06 to become the Master Female winner.

The Finishers Male: 1. George Jules 1:15.40; 2. Marlon Williams 1:20.47; 3. Calvin Dallas 1:21.02; 4. Leopold Federicks 1:27.22; 5. George Cannon 1:32.39; 6. Kevin Burton 1:39.25; 7. Gunnar Sanden 1:40.45; 8. Jamie Bates 1:43.57; 9. Doug Brown 1:46.59; 10. Will Franks 1:53.11; 11. Rey Ruiz 1:54.33; 12. Owen Elliot 1:55.46; 13. Van Wood 1:56.37; 14. Wes Whitehurst 1:56.55; 15. Roger Hatfield 2:03.22; 16. Jesus Espinosa 2:05.39; 17. Paul Radix 2:16.48; 18.

The Finishers Female: 1. Jackie Morgan 1:32.12; 2. Theresa Harper 1:43.50; 3. Jo Shim 1:44.06; 4. Grace Toma 1;51.19; 5. Cathy Mc Murtrie 1:59.22; 6. Denise Blanchette 2:01.31; 7. Anna Kowalski 2:16.48; 8. Lorraine Durand 2:21.28

Age Group Results Male:  30-39 1. George Jules; 2. Leopold Fredericks; 3. Kevin Burton 40-49 1. Marlon Williams; 2. Calvin Dallas; 3. George Cannon 50-59 1. Doug Brown; 2. Will Franks; 3. Rey Ruiz 60+ 1. Gunnar Sanden

Age Group Results Female: 20-29 1. Jackie Morgan; 30-39 1. Theresa Harper; 2. Grace Toma; 3. Kathy McMurtrie 40-49 1. Jo Shim 50-59 1. Anna Kowalski; 2. Lorraine Durand